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        The local bodies in the Union Territory of Puducherry were constituted by a French Metropolitan Decree dated 12th March 1880. The above decree divided the entire region into 8 communes. Each commune was provided with a Municipal Council consisting of Mayors and Deputy Mayors and Councilors for the Administration of its affairs. The decree which was the basic Law of Municipalities has now been replaced by the Pondicherry Municipalities Act, 1973.

        The Pondicherry Municipality comprises the erstwhile Communes of Pondicherry and Mudaliarpet and its headquarters is in Pondicherry. The total number of wards is 42. The Municipal Council was dissolved on 31.03.1978 and a Special Officer has been appointed to exercise the powers and to perform the duties conferred and imposed upon the Municipal Council, including the Standing Committee and other Committees and that of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman and other authorities other than the Commissioner.

        Pondicherry is the capital city of The Union Territory of Puducherry and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South India.

         The total area of Pondicherry Municipality is 19.46 Sq.Kms. Population as per 2011 census is 2,44,377. The Municipality is sub-divided into 42 wards as per de-limitation of wards, 1995 and is comprised of 8 Assembly Constituencies:

                  1. Muthialpet
                  2. Rajbhavan
                  3. Uppalam
                  4. Orleanpet
                  5. Nellithope
                  6. Mudaliarpet
                  7. Villianur (Part)
                  8. Ariyankuppam (Part)

Administrative Setup of Pondicherry Municipality


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Contact Numbers
Civil Works :Executive Engineer :0413-2226764
Solid Waste & Garbage :Municipal Health Officer :0413-2220514
Birth, Death and Marriage:Registrar:0413-2336356
Taxation :Revenue Officer:0413-2334241
For non-compliance of grievances:Commissioner:0413-2334074