Pondicherry Municipality

Important Public Places

Beach Promenade
         The Beach Promenade is located in Pondicherry Municipality and is 1.6 Km. long.

Parks : Bharathi Park and 4 other parks located in Solai Nagar, Mullai Nagar, Colas Nagar and Bharathidasan Nagar are maintained by Pondicherry Municipality.

Market Places : 1. Big Market, 2. Chinna Market, 3. Gingee Salai Market, 4. Saram Market, 5. Nellithope Market, 6. Mudaliarpet Market, 7. Muthialpet Market, 8. Ouzhvar Sandhai Market

Bus Stand :
1. New Bus Stand and
2. Old Bus Stand (Now converted into Uzhavar Santhai-Farmers Market)

Hotels :
360 Nos. of Hotels and Lodges are running in the jurisdiction of Municipal limits.

Educational Institutions :

  Government Schools:54 Nos.
  Government Colleges:1 No. 
  Private Schools:58 Nos.
  Private Colleges:0 Nos.


News Letters



Contact Numbers
Civil Works :Executive Engineer :0413-2226764
Solid Waste & Garbage :Municipal Health Officer :0413-2220514
Birth, Death and Marriage:Registrar:0413-2336356
Taxation :Revenue Officer:0413-2334241
For non-compliance of grievances:Commissioner:0413-2334074