Pondicherry Municipality

Civil Registration System

Birth, Death and Marriages Section (Etat-Civil)

The Birth and Death Section is headed by the Registrar and Sub-Registrar. The information relating to birth, death, marriage occurred in the Pondicherry municipal limits are recorded by the section and certificates thereto are issued to the public on their request under the provisions of Pondicherry Registration of Birth and Death Act, 1969. The following 2 Registration Centres are functional:

  1. Pondicherry
  2. Mudaliarpet

The occurrence of birth and death in the notified hospitals is also recorded by Municipal Registration Unit and the details of which are as follows:

Government Institutions

            1. IGGGH & PGI, Puducherry
            2. Government Hospital for Chest Diseases, Puducherry
            3. Certh India Hospital, Vambakeerapalayam, Puducherry
            4. ESI Hospital, Olandaikeerapalayam, Puducherry
            5. Veterinary Hospital, Puducherry
            6. Primary Health Centre, Muthialpet
            7. Primary Health Centre, Odian Salai
            8. Primary Health Centre, Vambakeerapalayam, Puducherry
            9. Primary Health Centre, Mudaliarpet, Puducherry
            10. Primary Health Centre, Murungapakkam, Puducherry
            11. Primary Health Centre, Kosapalayam, Puducherry
            12. Primary Health Centre, Olandaikeerapalayam, Puducherry

Private Institutions

            1. New Medical Centre, Puducherry
            2. Clinic Nallam, Puducherry
            3. East Coast Hospital, Puducherry
            4. Sedhu Nursing Home, Puducherry
            5. Sai Kiruba Nursing Home, Puducherry
            6. St.Joseph of Cluny Hospital, Puducherry
            7. Tresor Nursing Home, Puducherry
            8. AUM Hospital, Muthialpet, Puducherry
            9. Arunachalam Hospital, Puducherry
            10. Sri Devi Nursing Home, Puducherry
            11. Aravind Ashram Hospital, Puducherry
            12. V.K.N. Hospital, Mudaliarpet, Puducherry
            13. Dr.Women Medical Hospital, Puducherry
            14. Madhava Hospital, Puducherry
            15. S.S. Remedy Hospital, Puducherry
            16. Krishna Nursing Home, Puducherry

As per the provisions of Pondicherry Registration of Births and Deaths Act and Rules all Births, Still Births and Deaths should be registered within 21 days from the date of occurrence of live birth / still birth / death. The Registrar shall as soon as the registration of a birth (or) death has been completed will issue a birth / death certificate free of cost to the person who gives information.

It shall be the duty of the ANM or any other medical or health attendant at a birth or death in a hospital, health centre, maternity or nursing home or other like institution to give information to the Registrar within 21 days of the events occurred, as prescribed in the Reporting Form No.1 and Form No.2 with cause of Death Form respectively.

Issue of Certificates

1. Certificate of registered birth event will be issued in 5 minutes on receipt of application through computer in the case events occurred from 1920 and registered death event from 1979 subject to availability by correct particulars in the application.

2. Certificate of registered event will be issued within 5 (five) working days from the date of receipt of application in case the event had occurred prior to 1979. Subject to availability of correct particulars in the application.

3. Birth and Death certificate are issued through online in common service centres also.

Civil Marriage

Application for civil marriages should be submitted along with extract of the Birth Registration of bride and bridegroom. The marriage will be solemnized after 10 clear days from the date of publication of ban.

Declaration of Marriage

Article 5 – The marriage should also be declared, within 15 days following the celebration, by the husband assisted by persons whose consent is required for the celebration of the marriage or by two witnesses related to him or not.

Article 7 – The declaration of marriage of French natives of ther gentiles or noslams celebrated in English territory should be made in presence of two witnesses within 3 months following the return of the spouses to the French Territory. The husband shall produce a certificate of the pandaram or cazi, who has celebrated the marriage and the handing over of that certificate shall be mentioned in the record of marriage.


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